Everyone counts,
we add it up.

Decisive insights into the decisions that talents make in relation to your organisation.
Real-time data platforms with benchmarks and indexes to win, onboard and engage talents.

Increase your impact on tomorrow's talent today

Binding and connecting your talents, gaining more insights, benchmarking, building a good internal and external employer reputation, etc. Peopleship will help you achieve all of this.
With Peopleship’s unique online platforms and dynamic dashboards, you gather real-time insights into the experiences and needs of your talents.

This way you guarantee your talent of tomorrow today.

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Your employer reputation on three fronts

Find out what our recruitment, onboarding and team performance platforms can do
for your organisation! Clear insights and easy-to-use tools for impactful decisions.

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Recruitment Performance
Attract more and stronger talent with real-time insights to improve your applicants' experiences and findings at every stage of the talent journey.

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Onboarding Performance
Turn your starters into ambassadors, give your starting employees the environment to become high performers.

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Team Performance
Give direction to teams with live help from all team members. Meet your team’s needs and requirements.

With our handy online calculator, you can easily calculate the impact of applicant experience on your recruitment budget. 

The Peopleship Pillars

Everybody counts, we add it up. At Peopleship, everyone counts and we count everyone, to gather insights that really make a difference to your employer brand. Our key pillars:

  • Live: a unique combination of live tracking & live data. Our technology makes it possible to understand, analyse and improve the relationships your organization creates at any time.
  • Moments of truth: measuring, knowing and monitoring where it happens, in the experiences themselves, there when perceptions are formed.
  • User friendly: clear visualizations that mainly make your work easier and that will allow you to personally analyse and make improvements.

Peopleship, however, is much more than an online platform. We are a team of specialists with a proven track record – 40 years! – in the world of HR and recruitment. Measuring and adjusting the experiences and findings of applicants and making them ambassadors of your ’employer brand’… that’s what we’re good at. Do the test.

Get a grip on your image as a new employer!

Test My Entry now for six weeks without obligation and collect unique insights into the experiences and findings of applicants in your recruitment performance platform.

The right insight on your talent data

Real time: view the evolutions in your organisation at any time

Dynamic: zoom in on departments in your organisation and filter for more in-depth analysis

Decisive: the indexes and measures are a must to know what is alive and growing as an organisation

Choose from our different platforms:

  • Professional: Insights into the behaviour and decisions that talents make in relation to your company: a first benchmark.
  • Management: Assistance with business and management decisions thanks to predictive answers to achieve your HR and business goals. Data driven, with insight in the ROI and a clear long-term vision.

Your talent data in safe hands

Security & Encryption
All data is secured and passes through SSL/HTTPS.

GDPR proofed
The use of data and the protection of personal data is always in accordance with the GDPR regulations.

Mobile Apps
Your talents share their experience through secure apps.