As an organisation, you will be able to discover how and where things are going right or wrong during onboarding thanks to customised dashboards and feedback on future-oriented solutions and improvement of ROI.

Give your employees the opportunity to provide feedback on their perception and experiences in their new organisation or job during their onboarding by having them intuitively answering a total of 40 simple, short questions during the first 50 days. Because My Start collects feedback from all starters anonymously on the Peopleship app, onboarders help your organisation improve the guidance of new employees.

* The number of questions and the timing can be adjusted depending on the onboarding process in each company.


Peopleship is an independent HR organisation that collects data to make companies better at recruiting and integrating new employees. Peopleship works with applicants or starters within these companies.

From now on we are using the ‘Onboarding Performance’ solution from Peopleship:

This solution brings the onboarding experience of all new employees together in one platform. It gives a huge advantage to understand which onboarding processes within your organisation are going well, and which ones require improvement and why, so you can adjust and intervene at the right times.

The experience of the new employees is collected via the mobile Peopleship app (available in the App Store and Google Play store). Through My start the app asks 40* questions to new employees spread over their first 50* working days.

*The number of questions and the timing can be adjusted according to the onboarding process in each company.

Every starting employee is invited to participate, on an entirely voluntary basis.
All the feedback is anonymous and collected in dashboards that provide insights to make a company better at onboarding and engaging new employees.
The data is only visualised when a minimum number of participants has replied. No personal data will be requested or stored. Only a device ID is kept. The data on the device can never be traced back to the user as a person or give access to other data on the device.

Human Resources has access to the Peopleship platform dashboard where all the data is stored. Here the data can be viewed and analysed together with your entity’s or departement Human Resources business partner.