Great news! You have a new job… Congratulations!

Welcome to My Start from Peopleship: a solution your organisation has chosen to use with all its new talents.

Install the app before the start of your first working day.
You will receive a unique QR code when you start. Ensure to keep it for further reference, even after you have scanned it.

Yes! You provide simple and anonymous feedback and tips about your start-up experience in your new position or organisation.
As a result, your opinion is taken into account, and your new employer can ensure a better welcome, start-up and guidance for all new talent.

No You don’t have to fill in a lengthy questionnaire… you spend just 1.5 seconds to provide answers to short questions, spread over your start-up period.

Download the Peopleship app
before your first working day
Scan your personal QR code
on your first working day
Provide feedback during your first 50* working days
live demo

Hey, congratulations on your new job.
We would like to provide you with a word of explanation about what you can expect from Peopleship and how you can make a difference.

It’s great that you are ready to share feedback about your onboarding experience.

If you didn’t receive your My Start QR code yet, ask it to your manager or HR contact.

Ensure to keep the QR code for further reference!

Are you having problems with the ‘Peopleship’ app?

You can send an email to
or call us on +32 (0)15/421655.

The answer to your question may be in the Frequently Asked Questions: