‘Peopleship app’ Set-up Guide

Hi there, welcome to your new job!
It’s great that you are ready to share feedback about your onboarding experience.
If you didn’t receive your My Start QR code yet, ask it to your manager or HR contact.
Ensure to keep the QR code for further reference!

These are the quick steps to get everything set.

Step 1: Installation

App store: Download ‘Peopleship’

Google Play store: Download ‘Peopleship’

Step 2: Set-up
  • ‘Allow’ to receive notifications
  • Click ( ≡ ) – Settings
    • Choose user language
    • Choose the moment to receive questions (morning – afternoon – evening)
    • Enable holiday mode (start date + hour / end date + hour) when relevant. Weekends and official holidays are automatically considered as non-working days.
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Click ( ≡ ) – Home
  • You’re all set!
  • Scan on your first working day the Peopleship My Start QR code you received
  • You will receive a push notification when questions are available on working days only. Some days you may receive several questions in one set, other days you may receive no questions at all. The app icon badge will show you the number of new sets of questions available (that you didn’t answer yet). (The app item badge is not available on Android 7 and lower)
  • Use the slider to answer the question.
  • Answer the first questions until you see ‘All questions answered. See you again soon’.